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Primary school’s ban on fast food

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A primary school in Sydney’s west has banned fast food after parents were delivering it to their children during lunch time.

The principal of Canley Vale Public School Ben Matthews has posted on social media about the ban.

“Please send your child’s lunch to school with him/her in the morning, or order from the school canteen.”

Chris Smith says “just because your child wants fast food it doesn’t mean you give it to them”.

“They love sugar, they love spice and everything not so nice.

“Not only does this show what a lazy family unit we’ve created, but also what an unhealthy family unit we’ve created.”

A caller on The Chris Smith Show says the McDonald’s in his area is around the corner from a school and is always filled with children.

“In the morning the line up for the drive-thru for kids getting McDonald’s before school goes back sometimes 10km.

“It’s just wrong.”

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