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President Trump de-escalates military conflict with Iran

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US President Donald Trump has announced further economic sanctions on Iran, but no immediate military retaliation.

It comes after Iran launched “dozens” of ballistic missiles on an Iraqi base which hosts US forces, in retaliation for the killing of an Iranian military general.

President Trump addressed the nation this morning, suggesting Iran would be stepping down.

He announced additional economic sanctions on the nation and called on his NATO allies to become more involved in trying to stabilise the Middle East.

Senator and retired major general Jim Molan tells John Stanley it’s doubtful Trump will escalate the situation further.

“We can look at Donald Trump in any number of different ways, but on a number of occasions he has gone against the popular view of himself. 

“People make him out to be a cartoon character, and he’s made some decisions that I can’t fully understand, but… the most responsible people in relation to the use of military power I’ve ever struck have been American generals.”

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Image: Getty/Win McNamee