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Poll finds Australians don’t want an increase in population

4BC Afternoons

Fears about overcrowding in cities and high property prices are believed to be driving down support for a growing population.

A survey from ANU found just three in 10 respondent believe the nation needs more people, down on 45 per cent in a similar poll in 2010.

The nation’s population has grown by over 290,000 in the last year, of which 61 per cent was from net overseas migration.

Businessman Dick Smith has been urging political parties to adopt a population policy, saying it could win them an election.

He tells Afternoons the findings of the poll aren’t surprising.

“It’s common sense. Every Australian family has a population plan. They don’t have 20 children… they have the number of kids they can give a good life too.

“But not one politician from one major party has any equivalent plan.”

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