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Police Commissioner issues cease and desist to dodgy plumbing company

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After exposing Plumbing Detectives for ripping off an elderly woman yesterday, Ray Hadley has received a torrent of complaints from listeners.

Customers, fellow plumbers and even employees within the company have contacted Ray about the company’s dodgy practices.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has even become involved, issuing a cease and desist notice for using the name Plumbing Detectives.

It’s actually against the law for a private company to have the word detective in their title, and it turns out there is more than one shonky business operating under this group. Electrical Detectives and Aircon Detectives are also using those names illegally.

Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean tells Ray Hadley the company is facing fines, deregistration and possibly even prosecution.

“I’ve been listening to some of the callers that have rung in today and it just makes me sick. People out there taking vulnerable citizens for a ride is just crook.

“This mob came to our attention earlier this year, in fact, they are on the Fair Trading complaints register.

“There is a full investigation underway. There are a number of alleged breaches that have been identified.”

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A Plumbing Detectives employee contacted Ray about the dodgy practices within the business.

So did the mother of a former employee, telling Ray her son would be screamed at by office staff.

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General Manager of the Master Plumbers Association of NSW Paul Naylor tells Ray they’ve severed ties with the organisation and took a complaint to Fair Trading 18 months ago.

He’s slammed the Plumbing Detectives for their misconduct, saying the company has tarnished the name of hardworking plumbers doing the right thing.

“People will try and take advantage of whatever the situation they can and the general industry then ends up with a bad reputation.”

But it appears there’s worse to come.

“I’ve got an invoice… this is for $10,990 and when you see what it’s for it’ll shake you up.”

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The Plumbing Detectives farce all came about thanks to one observant neighbour, Peter.

He contacted Ray after his elderly neighbour was ripped off, bringing to light all of the company’s dealings.

He phoned Ray after the company turned up at the elderly woman’s house, trying to make amends.

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