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Should ISIS brides wanting to come back to Australia be allowed?

A big decision faces Australian law when it yesterday it was revealed an Australian female Jihadi bride stuck over Syria with two young children says that her daughter needs urgent medical care and she wants to come back to Australia.

According to the ABC, the 24-year-old says “I’ve got no money. I’m not allowed to have money. They don’t give us food here. They don’t let us contact our families”.  But she says that “her daughter needs milk… she doesn’t have money to buy milk, so for the sake of a daughter can we all please come back”.

The clincher is that she says “I want to come back to my country.  I’m an Australian citizen”.

But it is a simple as that?

Michael is joined by Levi West, Director of Terrorism Studies at Charles Sturt University Canberra to discuss this vexing problem.


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