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‘Mangoes won’t pick themselves’: Overseas workers welcomed to NT crops

Closing our borders meant our supply of backpackers and seasonal workers dried up fast.

The working holiday-maker scheme is often the focus of criticism, but there’s no debate on whether we need people to pick fruit. We do.

Without backpackers, we are faced with crops that will go to ruin unless we find someone to pick them.

Thankfully the Federal and Northern Territory Governments have given the ok to a trial which will bring up to 170 workers from Vanuatu to harvest Australian mangoes.

The move is welcomed by Aussie veggie industry body AUSVEG, who say it will give farmers confidence in their crops.

AUSVEG CEO James Whiteside joins John Stanley to highlight the dire situation some of our farmers are in, and how baffling it is that we are forced to turn to overseas workers while we have such high local unemployment.

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