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Julia Morris slams Bernard Tomic’s departure from the jungle

Julia Morris, co-host of “I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of here”, has hit out at Bernard Tomic’s sudden departure from the reality TV show.

The comedian tells Steve Price throughout Tomic’s entire appearance on the show she “smelled a rat”.

“No one is more switched on to mental health problems than me… I’m not saying that it’s not genuine depression.

“I want you to speak to me honestly and I am not sure that he did that.

“If he’s feeling down, it’s certainly not the jungle that did that to him. I really honestly don’t believe that three days can do that.

“We’re all in this together, so when someone does walk I am going to take it personally.

“We’ve all worked 14 hours a day… we all are so invested.

“I do feel for Bernard. I think he would do well to stop and do some work on himself.”


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