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“It’s just the flick of a switch”: The NSW Government’s “illogical” stance on point-to-point cameras

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons is calling on the NSW Government to reconsider extending point-to-point cameras to cars, labelling its refusal to do so “illogical.”

Chair of the RACS trauma committee, Dr John Croizer, says the decision to confine the technology to trucks makes no sense, with the necessary infrastructure already in place for a roll out.

“It’s literally the flick of a switch,” he says.

“Every other jurisdiction uses them. Meanwhile, we’ve got some of our best players sitting on the reserve bench.”

Supporters of point-to-points say the technology is fairer then conventional speeding cameras. Drivers guilty of sustained speeding are identified by the cameras, rather than those who may have done an untimely acceleration, or a momentary over-taking.

The safety benefits are also immense.

“There is a reduction of between 30-50%. These are sustained, dramatic reductions in fatalities and serious injuries.”

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