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Getting on the ‘front foot’ of health

There is a critical part of the body that we often probably don’t think about – until we have a problem…that’s our feet.

While we might monitor and think preventatively about heart and lungs and the state of our other organs, we often take our feet for granted – despite the potentially devastating and crippling impact if they don’t work, and the quick decline in fitness that can result if mobility is lost.

Last week was Foot Health Week with the theme of ‘Get back on track – fit feet for a better you’ – also a recognition that the feet may be a barometer of health problems elsewhere in the body.

Thankfully there are expert allied health practitioners who can help identify and treat specific problems but also help manage our feet to minimise the risk of problems developing.

Podiatrist from the Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Fox Valley Medical and Dental Centre Piers Graham joins John Stanley.

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