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Does Smacking A Child Make Them Abusive?

A new study shows it could be detrimental.

A new study claims children who were smacked in their childhood are more likely to grow up and become abusers, compared to those who weren’t.

The University of Texas report found of the 68% who were smacked as children, 1 in 5 admitted to being violent in their adult relationships.

This adds to the theory that physical punishment for children may have dangerous consequences later in life.

Michael McLaren speaks with child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg about these findings.

“I’ve given my sons a tap on the bum, and to my trained eye, their not delinquents, their not psychopaths and their not violent in their own lives.”

But more serious physical punishments can cause long-term psychological damage.

“There is no doubt. Children who are routinely whacked – really quite brutalised – there are short, medium and long-term harms.”

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