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Changes to the slow down to 40km/h rule

Luke Grant

Luke Grant is joined by Bernard Carlon, Centre for Road Safety Executive Director, to discuss changes that will be made to the road rules following the completion of a trial requiring drivers to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing blue or red lights.


From September 26:


–      Drivers will no longer need to slow down to 40km/h on roads with speed limits of 90km/h or over.


–      Drivers will continue to be required to slow down to 40km/h on roads with speed limits of 80km/h or under.


–       The rule will be expanded to include tow trucks and breakdown assistance vehicles, which are displaying yellow flashing lights while stopped on the road.


These changes include the speed drivers need to slow down to in certain circumstances to avoid unsafe practices like hard braking.

On roads with speed limits of 90km/h or over drivers will need to:

–      Slow to a speed which is safe and reasonable for the circumstances;

–      Give sufficient space between their vehicle and the breakdown assistance or emergency vehicle and workers.

–      On multi-lane roads, drivers must change lanes to keep the lane next to the vehicle free if it is safe to do so.

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Luke Grant