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A look at Sydney’s tram system from the past

With the first light rail passenger service commencing this weekend, Michael is joined by Peter Kahn, Sydney Tramway Museum Public relations officer, to find out more about the history of tram services in Sydney’s past.


Sydney’s large system began in 1879 before motor cars when houses were small and packed closely so that people could walk to work and to shops.


People liked the new trams, even though these early versions were pulled by little steam motors… and soon there were many lines and as these spread out, new homes were built further from the city.


But by the 1950s, increased numbers of cars on the roads caused motorists to blame the trams for traffic jams, so they called for the replacement of trams by buses.


Even though tram passengers disagreed with this, governments listened to the car drivers and in 1961, Sydney’s once huge tram system was closed.

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