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40kmh Work Zones

A lot of who ha this week over former N.S.W. Road Minister Michael Daley and his appeal over a three-month driving disqualification for being caught more than 30km/hour over
the posted limit. I am in no way defending his speeding infringement – unfortunately Mr Daley’s memory of this rule which he personally pushed though Parliament in 2009
was not too good, so too his memory of previous speeding infringements. The point I wish to make here is that the 40km/hour work zone rule needs to be looked at. I
personally lost my license for three months in 2011 when I was booked on the M2 Motorway at 10 past Midnight in a 40k work zone – there was no work taking place at
the time yet I was deemed to be more than 30 k’s over the limit, in an area normally 100km’hour – it happens all the time in N.S.W. – work zone speed signage is not taken
down after work hours and it should be.

I’m David Berthon

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