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Pleas for Australian generosity as Beirut faces ‘apocalyptic’ food and medical shortages

In the wake of the devastating Beirut blast, Australians are being asked to open their wallets and give generously where possible.

Members of the Australian Lebanese community have been frantically trying to track down family members and friends overseas, many of whom have fled to towns outside Beirut.

Lakemba MP Jihad Dib told Deborah Knight the smaller communities have thrown open their doors to those in need.

“They don’t have much, but they’re willing to share it, because … it’s apocalyptic.”

With essential grain silos destroyed or contaminated in the blast, Mr Dib reinforced the call for Australians to give aid to secure basic necessities.

“Lebanon imports 80 per cent of its needs.

“Prior to this Deb, people were literally marching in the street just simply for bread.

“I worry about the death that’s going to come afterwards as a result of the lack of medical support that there is, the lack of food – there’s going to be other reasons that people die as a result of this.

“When you throw this layer on top of it, I really don’t know how much more the people of Lebanon can take.”

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Image: Nine News