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Phil Gould rejects conflict of interest accusations in new role

NRL commentator and former Panthers manager Phil Gould is set to add a new job to his impressive resume – player management.

Phil tells Mark Levy the suggestion of split loyalties, between his commentary and his future players, is barely worth a response.

“There’s no conflict for me: my only interest is the improvement of Rugby League.”

He says he’s been “blessed to have a career in Rugby League in all aspects”, including playing, coaching, administration and broadcasting.

“I’ve been contemplating this move for quite some time.

“I just think it’s another way that I can make a contribution to the game.”

Mark Levy has given Phil a resounding vote of confidence, pointing out the fact numerous commentators and media personalities have taken on other roles in the game.

“I think Phil tells it as it is. So if there’s something that needs to be said, Phil Gould will say it.”

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