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Peter V’landys: NRL will stamp out ‘un-Australian’ and ‘inhumane’ online bullying

Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman Peter V’landys has made it clear the NRL will support any campaign to stamp out online bullying.

It comes as The Continuous Call Team’s Erin Molan has been privately lobbying the government to toughen its stance on online bullying after years of relentless and unbelievably vile online threats.

While Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has employed the help of a legal team and cyber security experts to deal with some vicious online rumours involving him and his family.

V’landys told The Continuous Call Team he’s behind Molan and any campaign to stamp out online trolls.

“That’s probably the best comment piece I’ve ever heard in the media from Erin,” V’Landys said.

“We as a community need to do more because Erin and myself and other people who do get trolled, we have thick skin.

“But there’s others who are very vulnerable and they can’t take it and do things we can’t imagine.

“I’m 100 percent with Erin, I think everything she said is so true and so accurate and the NRL will certainly get behind any campaign that stops this type of behaviour because it’s un-Australian, it’s inhumane.

“People that try to hurt people online, it says something more about them than it does the people that they’re talking about.

“So I totally support Erin and if rugby league needs to get behind it, we will and we’ll get behind it with great strength.”


You can hear Erin’s piece on dealing with online trolls and Peter V’landys response below.

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