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Peter Overton and Jessica Rowe are taking over Ray Hadley’s job

Ray Hadley is on holidays this week, and there’s an Australian television power couple who are ready to take over his job.

We’re used to seeing Peter Overton and Jessica Rowe on our screens.

But now, they’ll be gracing talkback radio together on this very station.

With Ray on holidays, there was no one to host Ray Hadley’s Country Music Countdown this Saturday.

And Peter wasn’t having that, telling John Stanley he didn’t give Ray much of a choice but to give him the gig.

“The other day when he said he was going on holidays, I said, on-air so I put him in a real hole, ‘Who’ve you got hosting?’

“He said, ‘Well, it was John Stanley.’

“I said, ‘Well, I’ll do it. I’ll bring Jessica too'”.

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Peter and Jessica insist their country music knowledge is up to scratch but John isn’t so sure.

So he devised a country music quiz to put them to the test.

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John Stanley