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Peter Dutton’s final say pre-election, but is it his final say as a politician?

Peter Dutton has had his final regular chat with Ray Hadley before the election.

But will it be his final chat with Ray as a politician?

The Home Affairs Minister is facing an extremely tough fight in his Brisbane electorate of Dickson, which he holds by a margin of just 1.7 per cent.

Labor candidate Ali France has been the benefactor of an enormous campaign waged by left-wing activist group GetUp.

Mr Dutton admits he’s in for a battle but tells Ray Hadley he won’t be giving up.

“I think everyone’s a bit exhausted, probably including the public but it’s a very important election.

“I think people are starting to tune in now and hear the messages from the Prime Minister and from the man that wants to be the prime minister.”

Ray tells Mr Dutton he’ll be back on the program, no matter what the result is.

“Come what may, we’ll talk next Thursday,” says Ray.

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Tasmanian Senator, Eric Abetz, has also been a popular target of GetUp due to his conservative values.

He speaks with Ray Hadley about the threat the organisation poses to Australian democracy ahead of this weekend’s election.

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