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Peter Dutton promises to keep deporting rapists and paedophiles

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley stripping visas off foreign-born criminals is what the community wants. 

Since December 2014, over 3,000 foreign offenders have had their visas cancelled, including 395 rapists and paedophiles.

Mr Dutton says Australians expect guests in the country to follow the law.

“I think by kicking these people out we’re sending a very strong statement and I think there are certain communities…that hear the message very loudly.

“People stop you all the time and say please keep going and make sure you don’t back down on the decisions you’re making. And I don’t think we should.”

Mr Dutton also called for more scrutiny to be placed on the appointment of magistrates.

“Where we’ve got lily-livered judges and magistrates going weak at the knees, it doesn’t reflect community standards.”

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