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Peter Dutton wants to cancel citizenship of terrorists, even if they aren’t dual nationals

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he will look to cancel the citizenship of Australian terrorists, even if they aren’t dual nationals.

The majority of the 400 people monitored by ASIO are either dual citizens or entitled to foreign citizenship.

Currently, the government can only strip the citizenship of dual nationals and deport them to their other country.

Mr Dutton tells Ray Hadley the government is prepared to go further where possible.

“You can take citizenship away from somebody as long as you don’t render them stateless.”

Mr Dutton says he will look to target those who are eligible for foreign citizenship but haven’t taken it up.

In some cases, people can be automatically recognised by a country if their Australian citizenship is stripped.

“We’ve cancelled visas at a record rate so we can kick criminals out of the country.

“We should be cancelling the citizenship of terrorists and people that would seek to do us harm because we don’t want them here.”

His comments come after three men were arrested and charged with planning a terrorist act on Tuesday.

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Mr Dutton has also questioned Islamic leaders who have boycotted a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison asked to hold talks about the threat of radicalisation, but some Muslim leaders – including the Grand Mufti – are refusing to attend.

“If you can’t accept there’s a problem, how on earth are you going to fix it?” says Mr Dutton.