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Peter Dutton slams Sri Lankan family continuing to fight deportation

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says enough is enough in the case of a Sri Lankan family who have been attempting to claim asylum in Australia.

Mr Dutton told Ray Hadley the cost of this case has taken money away from Australian communities who desperately need it.

“This case has gone on since 2012 I think, and it must have cost now… probably over $10 million.

“That’s money that should be going into … [Australian] communities and helping Australian citizens.”

Mr Dutton said the family’s case has been taken all the way to the High Court and were found not to have a claim for protection.

“They are not refugees and they have used every trick in the book to make sure they can stay.

“This is a situation of their own making, it is ridiculous, it’s unfair on their children, and it sends a very bad message to other people who think that they can rort the system as well.”

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