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Peter Dutton says Labor’s ‘flip flop’ harms border security

mark levy

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says the Opposition is harming border security with their vehement support of the Sri Lankan asylum seeker family.

Several senior Labor figures are publically urging the government to intervene and reverse its decision to deport the Tamil family, who have repeatedly been found not to be legitimate refugees.

But the government insists if an exception was made for the family it would send the wrong message to people smugglers.

Mr Dutton tells Mark Levy Labor needs to have a consistent policy on border control.

“We’ve got Mr Albanese out there offering false hope.

“He’s a person who wants to be the prime minister of this country and I just think this flip flop behaviour from Labor is undermining the governments work to keep our borders secure.

“The people smugglers must just be rolling on the ground in laughter at the Labor party.”

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Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer