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Peter Dutton promises government won’t be ‘punched senseless’ in election campaign

A senior government minister has promised the government will come out swinging at Labor’s climate policy before the election.

The policy aims for half of all new cars to be electric by the year 2030.

Critics have widely condemned the proposal, but Ray Hadley wants to know why the government has yet to follow suit.

Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley they’ve been focused on the federal budget but will go on the offensive soon.

“We’re not going to be standing there this election like we did last one, being punched senseless and two hands tied behind our back.

“It is important for us to talk about what’s in the budget this week, and that’s been the priority.

“Not to say that we’re not going to come out on the issue of electric cars. That will happen, there’s no question.”

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