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Peter Dutton insists he’s a ‘team player’ and won’t ‘bag the Prime Minister out’

Senior government minister Peter Dutton says he’s a “team player” and will raise any concerns about the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) privately, not publicly.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claims he has “overwhelming support” from his colleagues following a joint-party meeting this week.

But already, many are speaking out.

Nationals MP Keith Pitt is reportedly prepared to resign from the frontbench over the issue, while Senator Jim Molan will vote for the policy but says it is “sub-optimal”.

Mr Dutton tells Ray Hadley he has no intention of speaking out against the PM or the policy in public.

“I give frank advice, I can promise you that, to the Prime Minister, to my other colleagues, if I don’t agree with what we’re doing or with the policy.

“I argue vehemently that something should be changed or dropped. I get my way sometimes, other times I don’t.

“I work as a team player, I’m not going to be a part of the cabinet and then bag the Prime Minister out.

“If my position changes, that is, it gets to a point where I can’t accept what the government’s proposing, then the Westminster position is very clear.

“You resign your commission, you don’t serve in that cabinet and you make that very clear.”

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