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Peter Dutton confident ahead of Super Saturday by-elections

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton believes voters are waking-up to Labor just in time for the Super Saturday of by-elections next month.

A new survey shows the LNP could win the Queensland seat of Longman off Labor when it goes up for grabs on July 28.

It would be the first time in about 100 years a sitting government has taken a seat from the Opposition at a by-election.

Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley, voters have serious concerns about Labor policies.

“People have a real hesitation in Queensland in particular, but across the country, about Bill Shorten, the union links, these extra taxes that he wants to impose.

“And border protection is a big issue in Longman because people recognise that we don’t want to reopen our borders.”

Mr Dutton also commented on Bill Shorten’s captain’s call over company tax cuts, saying it could cost him the Labor leadership.

“I think his every movement is dictated by the CFMEU and others and people see hesitation because they know he doesn’t tell the truth.

“Anthony Albanese has fired the starting gun. The Labor leadership game will be well and truly underway if Labor loses one of the by-elections on the 28th of July.”

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