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‘People have got to know’: Andrew Bolt weighs in on Labor’s latest policy

The Opposition has unveiled a plan to install solar batteries in a million homes by 2025 as the centrepiece of its energy policy.

Shadow energy minister Mark Butler says it’ll ease demand on the electricity grid and benefit consumers.

But Energy Minister Angus Taylor argues the plan won’t guarantee reliable and affordable power.

“There are more holes in this than an old pair of smelly socks,” says Chris Smith.

Andrew Bolt says “it’s fascinating”.

“It only barely scratches the surface, these solar panels,” he tells Chris.

“The power stations are… being driven out of business by this cherry picking.

“The thing about renewable, you provide not just the solar or the wind, but because they’re unreliable… you also have to provide a second means of keeping the power going and strong and constant.

“That’s where all the expense lies.

“Plus, [Bill Shorten] said he’s going to double the funding for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to an extra $10 billion.

“People have got to know, if these projects could stand on their own two feet, then you wouldn’t need a government agency to be handing money to them.”

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