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‘Peak madness’: Push for Great Barrier Reef to be made an Australian citizen

UK-founded publisher Lad Bible has started a campaign to have the Great Barrier Reef granted Australian citizenship.

“When we talk about climate change,” says Chris Smith, “we’re used to hearing some pretty loopy theories… today I think we’ve reached peak madness.”

The campaign calls for the Great Barrier Reef to be identified as a person so it can be awarded the same “right to live” as any other citizen.

It calls for the public to sign a petition, addressed to the Department of Home Affairs, supporting the initiative.

Chris says the “eco-warrior alarmists” have reached a new low.

“Yes, it’s a living thing, yes we should protect it, but it’s not a person, doesn’t have feelings. It is total insanity.

“What’s next? Should we give Uluru citizenship… the Daintree? Where does it end?”

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