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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation confirms it will back Coalition’s corporate tax cuts

Pauline Hanson has confirmed One Nation will back the Federal Government’s company tax cuts.

In exchange for the minor party’s support, the Coalition will fund 1,000 places for regional apprentices.

It leaves the government just two votes shy of passing its corporate tax relief package through parliament.

Senator Hanson tells Ross Greenwood, “we will be supporting the government in the corporate tax cuts”.

“I believe that if we don’t start looking after Australian business and give them some relief… they are going to fold, or they’re going to leave and go offshore.”

Senator Hanson is urging her crossbench colleagues to come on board.

“I’ve found that previously in the past, once they know One Nation is on board, they do come to support the legislation.”

Senator Hanson also comments on her new book, to be launched by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

She admits the relationship hasn’t always been smooth.

“I can’t change what’s happened in the past… [but] let’s work together the best way we that possibly can and ensure we’re doing the right thing for the people in the country.”

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