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Pauline Hanson breaks down in tears as she delivers passionate message to our farmers

Pauline Hanson has been brought to tears as she delivered a heartfelt message to the farmers she’s fighting for in parliament.

The One Nation leader has established a new Senate inquiry to investigate the price paid to dairy farmers for their milk.

Labor and Senate crossbenchers teamed up to establish the inquiry which could force the competition watchdog to look at regulating milk prices.

Senator Hanson tells Alan Jones the Liberals and Nationals tried to block the enquiry from happening.

“They voted against it. So did Cory Bernardi,” says Ms Hanson.

“I’m not happy and this is going to be driven.

“The people of Australia have a right to know, the dairy farmers have a right to know.”

The One Nation leader has been passionately fighting for our farmers and delivered a tearful message to rural Australia.

“I want to put out a call to these farmers; please don’t give up hope.

“Give me an opportunity to keep fighting. I don’t want these farmers to give up.”

Senator Hanson couldn’t go on with the interview as Alan Jones explained she’s upset for the farmers and exhausted as she fights the bureaucrats in Canberra.

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