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Parents warned of the risks of ‘sharenting’ on Safer Internet Day

Children are the focus of today’s ‘Safer Internet Day’ campaign, encouraging parents to start a conversation with their kids about cybersafety.

The Australian eSafety Office says 94 per cent of Australian toddlers are spending time online, and one in four have been contacted by a stranger.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant tells Deborah Knight parents are “the frontline of defence” when it comes to cybersafety, but ‘sharenting’ on social media can put children at risk.

Ms Grant advises families to make sure privacy settings are turned on and location-identifying features are removed from photos.

She says having open, honest conversations can help kids use the internet independently and safely.

“As much as we want to be with them every minute they’re online, it just isn’t possible.”

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Image: Getty/Click&Boo