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Parents of Sara Zelenak to attend inquest into London Bridge terror attack

The parents of Sara Zelenak, who was killed in the London Bridge terror attack, have arrived in London to attend the inquest.

Eight people were killed in June 2017 when three men drove a van into people walking on London Bridge, before going on a stabbing spree through the Borough Market.

21-year-old Sara Zelenak had recently moved to London to work as an au pair when she became one of the two Australians killed during the attack.

Her parents, Mark and Julie Wallace, have arrived in London to attend the inquest, which is due to start on Tuesday morning local time.

They tell Chris Smith they’re especially looking forward to thanking the first responders who tried to save Sara’s life.

“I really do want to meet them and thank them for trying to revive her,” says Julie. “That’s really important to us.”

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To find out more about Sarz Sanctuary, created by Julie and Mark to help victims of trauma, CLICK HERE