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‘Outright discrimination’: Kmart photo kiosk bans Christian words

Kmart photo printing kiosks have come under fire after customers found Christian words were banned.

Words like “God”, “church”, “Jesus”, “Jewish” and “Bible” were listed as profanities and the machines did not let customers add the words to their photo captions.

However, words like “Islam”, “Allah” and “Koran” were all allowed.

Kmart has attributed the ban to a “system error” but Chris Smith is not buying that excuse.

“In what world are these words profanities,” says Chris.

“This is just outright discrimination, it’s almost demonising Christianity.

“I’m no tech expert but give me a break. I don’t buy the excuse from Kmart… it doesn’t make sense that specific Christian words would be targeted while Islamic words are not.”

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