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One-off strawberry sundae sale to support struggling farmers goes ‘nuts’

It’s been a devastating few weeks for Queensland strawberry growers following the nation-wide needle contamination crisis.

Police are investigating at least 200 reports of contaminated strawberries, with most believed to be copycat attacks.

But today, strawberries are in the spotlight for a very different reason.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation sell strawberry sundaes at the Ekka every year and today they’re holding a one-day sale of their delicious treats.

All profits will go straight to Queensland strawberry farmers, with the sundaes being sold at King George Square in Brisbane.

The foundation’s CEO Michael Hornby tells John Stanley they’ve sold 5,000 ice creams in just four hours.

“It’s just going nuts, or I should say going strawberries,” he says.

“We targeted 10,000 never knowing how big this thing could be! We’re going to try and do another order of stock… and try to aim for 15,000.

“There’s a line here that goes back about three suburbs!”

Michael says the support for the initiative has been overwhelming.

“When we look at what’s happening today and the people that are lining up for an hour right now, they’re just saying to the strawberry growers, ‘We’ve got your back guys’.

“It’s so wonderful and I think the public has been waiting for this opportunity to come together.”

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Image: Twitter/The Ekka