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‘One of the worst moments of my life’: Alan Jones meets farmer at breaking point

Alan Jones broadcasts from the bush

Alan Jones has met a farmer who is at breaking point as he broadcasts from the bush this week.

He’s in Dubbo until Thursday, highlighting the dire drought emergency our farmers are facing.

Nothing could illustrate the situation more than an encounter Alan had on Monday afternoon.

He met a landowner who hasn’t had rain for five years and was desperately trying to hold onto his stock.

The RSPCA and Department of Primary Industries showed up yesterday and closed down Peter’s (not his real name) property, removing all of his cattle for their own welfare.

Alan Jones says “he’s a metaphor, this is going on everywhere”.

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Alan Jones was joined by Brian Egan from Aussie Helpers, an organisation which visits farming families to chat and to lend a hand.

He and Alan have known each other and worked together for 13 years in rural communities.

Brian says, “it’s the worst I’ve ever seen, Al.”

“I think yesterday was one of the worst moments of my life.”

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NSW Mental Health Minister Bronwyn Taylor is the only farmer in the NSW Cabinet.

She tells Alan it’s been incredible to see her fellow politicians finally start to understand the suffering of our farmers.

“I’m so pleased that John Barilaro had us come out on a bus trip to Bourke these last two days… to sit with my colleagues and see them see it, so that they could feel it.

“Because you can’t feel it and you can’t understand it unless you see it.

“It’s a terrible rising feeling of anxiety. What these people are feeling, people haven’t felt before and that’s why it’s so important that we provide these services.”

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Image: Getty/David Gray

Alan Jones broadcasts from the bush