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NSW Energy Minister had ‘a brain snap’, Abbott says

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says the NSW Energy Minister has a had a “brain snap” after he took aim at the Morrison government yesterday.

The state’s Energy Minister Don Harwin accused his federal counterparts as being “out of touch” on climate and energy policy.

Tony Abbott says the NSW Energy Minister “seemed to have a brain snap”.

“I think it’s just one particular individual off on a frolic of his own because as a party, as a movement, we want to get power prices down.

“This idea that we can somehow move to an emissions-free future while keeping our heavy industry going, while keeping our economy strong, is just crackers, absolute crackers.”

He says Mr Harwin is gunning for zero net emissions by 2050 “without the foggiest idea about how we’re going to get there”.

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On whether the Coalition needs a significant policy on tackling climate change to win the election, Resources Minister Matt Canavan says its important to “ask people what they want”.

“You go down the street in any city in Australia and ask 10 people what the major issues are for them, not many of them will mention climate change,” he tells Luke Grant.

“That’s not to say we shouldn’t do something about it… we are reducing our carbon emissions responsibly”.

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