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NSW Energy Minister accuses Morrison government of being ‘out of touch’

Michael McLaren

A meeting of energy ministers at COAG today has been thrown off course, as New South Wales breaks ranks to put climate policy back on the agenda.

The federal government ditched its emissions reduction targets in August when it dumped the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

The Morrison government has since been focused on reliability and bringing down power prices.

But NSW Energy Minister Don Harwin has taken aim at his federal Coalition counterparts, saying they’re “out of touch” on energy and climate policy.

He’ll urge his COAG colleagues to back an emissions reduction obligation.

NSW shadow minister for energy and climate change Adam Searle claims both the NSW and federal governments are lacking a clear vision for the future.

He tells Michael McLaren they “have no plans to replace our retiring fleet of coal-fired power stations”.

Mr Searle insists he isn’t anti-coal-fired power stations but says we need investment in new energy generation.

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Off the back of the interview with Mr Searle, Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson called in.

He tells Michael we’re in danger of businesses moving offshore if we can’t give them cheap, reliable energy.

“If we don’t go down the path of either nuclear or continuing with coal baseload energy, our country is going to lose every business that we have here that provide jobs for so many Australians.”

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Michael McLaren