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Disastrous NSW Container Deposit Scheme coming to Queensland

On December 1, 800 recycling depots will open across New South Wales as part of the ‘Return and Earn’ Container Deposit Scheme.

The public will be able to return eligible containers for a 10 cent refund, not in cash, but in the form of a charitable donation, a Woolworths voucher or a PayPal transfer.

A similar scheme will get underway in Queensland on July 1, 2018 with small businesses predicted expected to suffer.

In New South Wales, the government has handed control of the scheme to big businesses within the industry.

A consortium including Coca Cola, Carlton and United Breweries, Coopers, Asahi and Lion are entirely responsible for implementing and monitoring the program.

As a result, the cost is being passed on to small businesses and in turn to the consumer.

Larry Hetherington owns a fresh juice company called Bevco that employs 50 people across New South Wales and Brisbane.

He’s been charged $35,000 for the first month of the scheme alone.

Sam Lentini runs a small family juice business on the New South Wales Central Coast and has been charged almost $75,000 for the first month.

Hear both of their stories below.