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‘Nothing else will deter them’: Dutton’s plan to stop Extinction Rebellion

The Home Affairs Minister believes the only way to stop Extinction Rebellion is to send them the bill for their illegal protests.

The climate activists have been causing chaos in Brisbane for months now and have this week extended that to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Several protesters have confirmed they’re on welfare payments, with one describing herself as a “full-time protester” and another admitting in court that he doesn’t work.

Queensland magistrates have repeatedly let them off without conviction, including ringleader Eric ‘Serge’ Herbert who has been arrested seven times.

Federal Minister Peter Dutton tells Ray Hadley there’s only one way to make them stop.

“The police need to recover the cost of these responses. There’s nothing else that will deter them from this life’s work, as they refer to it.

“And if they don’t pay the $40,000, then they’re locked up.

“That’s the best response at the moment because these people are flouting the law. They’re thumbing their nose at taxpayers.

“These people are anarchists and fringe-dwellers and they should be feeling the full force of the law instead of the wet lettuce that’s being thrown at them by Annastacia Palaszczuk at the moment.”

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