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‘Nobody can rule out’ possibility coronavirus has reached Australia

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The government says it’s doing everything possible to prevent or contain cases of coronavirus in Australia.

There have been 900 confirmed cases of the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment and it’s not yet clear just how deadly it is.

Nine people have been killed and cases of the virus have also been confirmed in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and the US.

A Brisbane man is being kept in isolation at home after recently returning from Wuhan showing symptoms of the illness.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt tells Deborah Knight every precaution is being taken to ensure it doesn’t make its way to Australia.

“There are no confirmed cases in Australia but what we want to do is everything we possibly can to either prevent or to contain if there were cases, and nobody can rule out that.

“Every flight that comes from Wuhan will have biosecurity officials and medical personnel who are there, and they will provide information to every passenger.

“They will also look to see whether or not there are any signs or symptoms.”

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