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‘We’re in the quagmire’: Theresa May loses vital Brexit vote weeks from deadline

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British MPs have voted down Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister made a last minute trip to Europe to secure changes in a bid to win support, but it wasn’t enough.

Opponents argue the legal assurances didn’t go far enough.

It’s the second time a Brexit plan has been voted down, with just over two weeks until deadline day.

The UK is due to leave the European Union, deal or no deal, on March 29.

MPs and the May government hold two more votes in the next 48 hours, on whether it will leave Europe without a deal or whether it should ask the EU for an extension.

Alternatively, Ms May could allow a new Brexit referendum.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is demanding the PM call for a different kind of vote. He wants a general election.

“The government has been defeated again by an enormous majority and they must now accept their deal is dead.”

Jeremy Corbyn

UK Correspondent Adam Gilchrist tells Alan Jones there is support for that idea within the Tories.

“There are those in Theresa May’s own conservative party who are saying essentially this parliament is broken and needs fixing.

“And suggesting that therefore that means a new Prime Minister, a new majority, a new mandate from the people.

“We’re in the quagmire at the moment.”

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