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Neil Breen shares his own heartache amid funeral restrictions

Many Australians have struggled with the loss of a loved one during the pandemic and Neil Breen is one of them.

Many families have had to make the heartbreaking decision on which children, grandchildren, or siblings cannot attend the funeral of a loved one.

“My 98-year-old grandmother died in April,” Neil Breen revealed.

“It was terrible for the entire family because she was the matriarch of our family.

“I was very close to grandma, I spoke to her every Saturday morning at 8am, without fail, to get two horse tips off her.

“I know exactly what people are going through.”

Neil’s mother and her three brothers were the only ones able to attend the funeral.

Currently, 50 people can attend a funeral in Queensland with enforced social distancing and there are many calls to raise that number.

Australian Funerals Directors Association Queensland President Wes Heritage told Neil Breen times have changed since the height of the pandemic.

“Whilst people were frustrated they took it well.

“But they can see things changing in the community now and the frustration is definitely growing.

“We believe they should trust directors to manage those larger funerals.”

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