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Neil Breen grills Chief Health Officer over failure to provide urgent health exemptions

When 4BC Breakfast Host Neil Breen questioned QLD’s Chief Health Officer about certain health exemption applications, no answer could be given.

Dr Jeanette Young couldn’t answer why a Queenslander who had brain surgery in Sydney had to then quarantine in a hotel that was subpar, instead of her home.

“I can’t understand any circumstance on the planet that would knock someone back who’s had brain surgery or is about to lose a baby,” Breen said.

“I apologise I wasn’t told about the specifics of the case you are referring to,” Dr Young said.

Neil Breen asked why other industry exemptions take priority over individuals with serious health exemption applications.

“We need to work through all of our industries and make sure that’s happening, then of course, we’ve got to work through our health system and that is so critical,” Dr Young said.

“We have an exemptions team that goes through the thousands of exemptions we receive every day in Queensland for a whole range of reasons, who try to do their absolute best for each individual.”

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