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National day established to acknowledge first responders

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Today marks the first ever national Thank A First Responder Day, established to acknowledge the hard work of law enforcement and emergency services during an especially difficult year.

Half of all first responders experience a traumatic event during their career.

Soldier On co-founder John Bale told Mark Levy he and Danielle Clout designed Fortem Australia to give first responders a voice and access to mental health support.

“We noticed a gap.

“We felt that there wasn’t an organisation that was connecting up the community to those men and women and their families who are on the front line every day.”

He said the experiences of law enforcement and first responders are “just as impactful” as what military personnel witness in active duty.

While handshakes are off limits for now, Mr Bale is encouraging Australians to reach out to those who protect and serve via social media, using the hashtag #thankafirstresponder.

“As much as they’re the typical Australian that doesn’t want to be recognised for what they do, it’s still lovely to have that thanks and that gratitude from all of us.”

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For more information about Thank A First Responder Day, click HERE.


Image: Fortem Australia