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My Health Record opt-out date looms: All your questions answered

There are just two days left to opt out of the My Health Record system.

About four per cent of people have so-far decided they don’t want their health information stored in the online database.

Speaking to Deborah Knight, the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Professor Meredith Makeham is urging people to remain in the system.

A practising GP herself, Professor Makeham says people need to be aware of what the record is.

“So they can make an informed choice about and understand how safe and secure it is, what the sophisticated privacy controls are.

“For you and for your GP, it means a whole lot of things.

“It’s just so difficult to operate in the dark when you just don’t have access to the critical information that you need to make a safe, clinical decision.”

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Professor Meredith Makeham also answers listener questions.

For more information, click HERE or call My Health Record on 1800 723 471

Deborah Knight