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‘My clock doesn’t lie’: Bronson Xerri’s sprint coach speaks out

The sprint coach of embattled Cronulla Sharks centre Bronson Xerri has spoken out about his fears for the alleged doper’s mental health.

The Sharks young gun was indefinitely suspended by the NRL earlier this week after failing an ASADA drug test in November 2019.

Sprint coach Roger Fabri told James Willis he has fears for Xerri’s wellbeing, in addition to struggling with his own mental health.

“What’s important to me is to make sure Bronson’s welfare is okay.

“It’s been quite difficult for me not being able to reach out to him.”

Mr Fabri suspects Xerri was lured into taking banned substances to help heal after shoulder surgery.

“Not for one second do I condone or even accept what he’s done … but he’s 19.”

Earlier in the year, Mr Fabri boldly claimed Xerri would be the season’s fastest player.

However, he says he had no idea performance enhancing drugs could have been partly to explain for those improvements.

“I’m in a sport that’s quantifiable.

“I’m a speed coach that works with a stopwatch … there’s no grey area, I can’t hide behind anything.

“My clock doesn’t lie.”

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Image: Instagram/Roger Fabri