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MP uninterested in moving problematic Logan drug clinic

The methadone clinic in Beenleigh main street has been a constant burden on locals, with increased crime and drug problems causing local businesses to close shop.

4BC Breakfast host Neil Breen questioned LNP Federal Member for Forde Bert Van Manen over the need and possibility of having the methadone clinic moved.

“People aren’t saying it should be shut down, people understand there is a need for it. But it is in the wrong location. Is City Road Beenleigh the right place for a methadone clinic?” Breen asks.

Mr Van Manen said it could be argued, yes the clinic should be in another location, but reinforces the reason it’s not.

“It’s there with the full approval of the Logan City Council, it’s there with the full approval of QLD Health, they have a commercial lease and if it was to be moved who is going to pay the cost to move the clinic?”

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