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Monarchy vs Republic : Leaders go head-to-head

The Republican debate has raised its head yet again with a letter from the Australia Monarchist League campaigning for education reforms.

The letter claims younger generations are out of the loop, with the league pressing for a stronger emphasis on the Australian constitution and the crown.

Chris Kenny speaks with Phillip Benwell who penned the letter.

“Our constitution is working well.

“In the event that there is a move towards a Republic, we have proposed a year-long education program be put into place. I think that’s fair enough.”

Chris is also joined by Michael Cooney who heads the Australian Republican Movement.

“We don’t think we need more public money spent on tv ads and glossy books and websites.

On Mr Benwell’s proposed education campaign, Mr Cooney says it creates a “very patronising construction about millions of our fellow citizens”.

“It’s not something which could be done for free. You’re talking tens of millions of dollars to communicate with millions of people about information which, frankly, they already have.”

“Phillip reckons all Australians need is a lecture from someone. And what I reckon Australians need it to be listened to and to have their views put in place.”

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