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Mining expert invited to sit on climate change panel… after he applied as a joke

A mining expert, who applied to sit on a climate change panel as a joke, was accepted despite his lack of expertise in the area.

Doctor Bill Lindqvist wanted to test out the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s vetting processes.

He applied to sit on their expert panel three years ago and was shocked by their response.

Dr Lindqvist has a Bachelor of Science and a Ph.D in mining geology, but he hasn’t published any papers or research on climate science.

Apparently, that didn’t matter to the international climate body.

“I just did it for a lark,” Dr Lindqvist tells Alan Jones.

“I received a formal invite after my application was accepted to become an expert reviewer.

“I never followed it up because I had better things to do.

“Several of my colleagues, of course, were expert reviewers… all their comments were thrown out because they didn’t conform with the dogma of the IPCC.”

Dr Lindqvist says he can’t believe how slack their vetting process was.

“It was just absurd really. There was no vetting, no quality control, no nothing.”

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