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Millions of taxpayer money funneled into militant group in Gaza

$21 million of Australian taxpayer funds has reportedly been funnelled into an aid organisation that supported a leader of a militant group in Gaza.

It’s alleged funding has been given to a charity which funnelled money to a group led by the recently-killed leader of a group on the US and EU terror list.

National Political Editor of The Daily Telegraph Sharri Markson reports a Sydney-based charity set up by the unions, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, channeled millions of dollars to Palestinian organisation MA’AN Development Centre which employed terrorist leader Ahmed Abdulla Al Adine (pictured).

She tells Ray Hadley Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop ordered an audit but did not immediately say funding would be withdrawn.

Below is a list of organisations who’ve donated money to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA:

  • Australian Workers’ Union
  • Finance Sector Union
  • Health Services Union of Australia
  • Media, Entertainment and Art Alliance
  • NSW Police Association
  • Rail, Tram and Bus Union
  • Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union

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