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‘Men go mad in herds‘: Former Greens leader sees the light

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MP Craig Kelly has commended former Greens leader Bob Brown’s criticisms of building one of the world’s biggest wind farms in Tasmania.

Despite the Greens’ constant push for renewable energy, including wind turbines, the surprising opposition from one of their own has been met with silence.

Dr Brown insists he remains a supporter of wind turbines but has condemned the proposal on Robbins Island for its impact on views and dangers posed to migratory birds.

Mr Kelly tells Alan Jones he is pleased with Dr Brown’s comments.

“It’s often said men go mad in herds but they regain their senses one at a time.

“Bob has seen the light and he realises that these wind turbines are both environmental disasters, and economic disasters, for the nation.

“And this is a big turning point because for two decades, Alan, you and I have been arguing his case and we’ve been ridiculed and we’ve been laughed at.”

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Image: Getty/ Lisa Maree Williams